Bluehost vs HostGator

I am planning to move my blog from a local Host to either of this. Anyone who has experienced any of two . Which is the best?

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If you have budget then go with Cloudways. I have shifted my sites from Bluehost and Hostgator.
BlueHost and HostGator, are a part of the same group company EIG (Endurance International Group). EIG is an interational company that owns 65+ web hosting companies around the globe.

Hello @Whois_Games

I am also planning to move my blog from Bluehost to Cloudways, but little bit disturbed.
Cloudways doesn’t have mail server & I have all 32 mail accounts with Bluehost so my question is how to migrate those 32 mail accounts & which is the cheapest mail server to host those 32 mail accounts?

If you are going to run a business website where performance and security matters, better look for managed Cloud Server. Unlike shared hosting, your resources are never shared with other user.

If you ask me Bluehost v/s Hostgator - I think both feels same. Nothing much difference in past 5 years.

You shouldn’t host e-mail at ‘website hosting’ server. It’s simply not recommended. Your e-mail delivery depends on so much things such as sender and domain IP reputation, type of e-mail and so on.

For personal business e-mail, services like G Suite comes with high-priority delivery rate to land in user “PRIMARY Inbox” with Profile picture. In other it often goes in Promotion or Spam tab without picture.

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How many business email account we can run in Basic 210/- Rs of Plan, because I am having all 32 business email addresses, also how to migrate them from Bluehost to G Suite?

If you need for single user, need to manage within single mailbox basic plan should cover using Alias username or domain feature.

If you need seperate ID and password for 32 users then you can calc as per its pricing.

They offer 30 days trial. You can try and find if that suite your need.