Bot Attack on my site

Hi Guys…from yesterday getting a lot of referral traffic from
Usually my website faces such bot attacks from a single location. But here i am facing the attack from many locations…Have attached the screenshot

Is anyone facing such issue?
I do not use wordpress…It is a custom site created using Spring Boot. Is there anyway to avoid such attacks


Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 5.14.35 PM

happened the same to me also. Most of them are actually organic! but I know for sure that these are bots

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The same is happening on my blog

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Seems it’s widespread.

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Ask your host to block via robot.txt or at server level.
Also use firewall and blog that url. You can also filter that url in analytics to keep data clean.

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I have blocked in cloudflare firewall.

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The same happened to me ( what is the solution? I removed ads from my site.

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Same happening to me.

It’s strange that…google analytics is showing 200 visitor live and cloudflare is showing nothing in firewall.

Very strange.

Today i got 2000 pv from unknown location and referral for one hour only.

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I think thats an attack on analytics only and not on server.
That happens when bot triggers analytics script without actual visit


This attack is tempory only?
I have installed malcare plugin.

Dont worry about it.
I dont think about these now adays.

How to filter, these URLs in Google Analytics and how to prevent it in future?

Have a look


It all happens and I have seen the traces in my own blogs and on my students’ blogs as well. I didn’t take any specific action to mitigate the issue. It lasts for a few minutes only.