BunnyCDN - Review of Lightning fast CDN



Yes, I have done this. And I checked. Sitemap is still showing old hostname. Maybe it will take some time. :thinking:


It’s not about time. Keep enabled Yoast extention at W3TC. If still didn’t work, try below snippet.

function wpseo_cdn_filter( $uri ) {
return str_replace( 'http://example.com', 'http://cdn.example.com', $uri );
add_filter( 'wpseo_xml_sitemap_img_src', 'wpseo_cdn_filter' );

This snippet will update image URL to CDN path that would be helpful in indexing images properly.


I disabled the sitemap and then enable it and now sitemap is updated with new hostname. :sweat_smile:


Awesome!! Sometime, this trick works. Are you still using Yoast previous version?


Yes. I will update it later.


In new version, Yoast has completely removed XML Sitemap menu. I have also not updated it.

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Is Cloudflare necessary?
Can I remove the Cloudflare completely or it is still doing anything? (except the DNS thing).


It’s up to you.


How much it will take to install the SSL certificate at bunny? in Host name. I have updated the CNAME and let it in gray color.


You gotta use azure cloud to compete with bing.


@Suleman It may take up to 30 seconds. Yes, for CDN it should be greyed at CF.

  • It’s done now, I am using WPfastest cache plugin. should I disable it or not? I have followed all the above steps.

  • How to test that CDN is working now and my website speed is improved?

  • What is add storage zone in bunnycdn?


You shouldn’t disable. In WordPress, we should use a cache plugin.

Check your website page speed in the GTmetrix before and after enabling CDN. Do test 2-3 times in both cases.


Is the backend (wp-admin) also served from the CDN?


Nope! wp-admin request depends on origin server.


Finally configured it!

BunnyCDN Rocks!

@GulshanKumar Thanks for this tutorial!


Do you recommend serving wp-admin from CDN?


CDN is used for front-end not for wp-admin.


Are you still using it? I stopped using bunnycdn because of indexing issues.