BunnyCDN - Review of Lightning fast CDN



All set bro! now when will CDN start work?


Please read steps carefully.

Have you added a new hostname in the BunnyCDN?


I have done all the process till Edge Rule.


Okay good… Wait for some time. Install SSL and then test if “https://cdn.example.com” is loading or not. Then integrate in your WordPress.


https://cdn.jankaribook.com/ is loading how to integrate in wordpress



Are you using any cache plugin? You may check its CDN option.


w3 total cache.


Great! Just follow the guide mentioned above.


All visitors are from India, server is in India. Will BunnyCDN help improve speed of his website?


Heh, not that much.


If his site is targeting India, his server is in India, he is using BunnyCDN, there will be lil improvement but nothing really major. He will see better speed if he move to something like AWS (India).


Of course, yes!

It will help in reducing original server load and handle more traffic.


bro I want to try keyCDN. I did not see much effect with BunnyCDN.


@GulshanKumar On my main domain that jankaribook.com I have installed and activated godaddy paid ssl. So, if in this step(I have quoted) I will force let’s encrypt on cdn.jankaribook.com will be fine?


Yes, fine. Just do it, if you notice any problem let us know. :slight_smile:


Bro I have enabled BunnyCDN and tried to optimize my website. Also I resetup the w3 cache plugin. But I did not follow you recommendation about minify.

Because I found that after minification not only grade is improved but also loading speed is decreased.

But one think I would like share.

After enabling BunnyCDN I noticed result…
In other countries I got big result. But In India I am little bit unhappy. Why? Here’s the answer

I have no proof link but I can explain.

Post No Before BunnyCDN After BunnyCDN
1 0.7 s 0.9 s
2 1.9 s 2.3 s
Note this is only about Indian sever.

:point_up_2: How is this?

Bro Now I want some help

  1. When I test a URL on google page insight in element render blocking section. I found CDN url. Will it safe?

  2. I am getting Reduce server response times (TTFB) problem on every page. How to fix this?

I know My page speed score is good but still plz analyse my website and suggest me?


Can you please share the before and after test report link?
It would be helpful in making better conclusion.


No I had tested with GtMetrix but after new scan old URL has disappeared.


I think, there are possibly three reasons

  • cdn.example.com DNS lookup time
  • Cache Status: Either it was MISS or HIT? Last one would be faster.
  • Some other issues