BunnyCDN - Review of Lightning fast CDN



You gotta use azure cloud to compete with bing.


@Suleman It may take up to 30 seconds. Yes, for CDN it should be greyed at CF.

  • It’s done now, I am using WPfastest cache plugin. should I disable it or not? I have followed all the above steps.

  • How to test that CDN is working now and my website speed is improved?

  • What is add storage zone in bunnycdn?


You shouldn’t disable. In WordPress, we should use a cache plugin.

Check your website page speed in the GTmetrix before and after enabling CDN. Do test 2-3 times in both cases.


Is the backend (wp-admin) also served from the CDN?


Nope! wp-admin request depends on origin server.


Finally configured it!

BunnyCDN Rocks!

@GulshanKumar Thanks for this tutorial!


Do you recommend serving wp-admin from CDN?


CDN is used for front-end not for wp-admin.


Are you still using it? I stopped using bunnycdn because of indexing issues.


Yes, I am still using BunnyCDN. At the time of writing, it’s my favourite. :slight_smile:

The solution is simple: Go to Security > Disable Access to Root Path.



Can I use it with Litespeed cache plugin?


Yes, of course. A CDN is independent source to serve the static files. It should work fine with any cache plugin.


Thank you Gulshan.

I am reading Setting up guide of BunnyCDN now. They recommend ‘’ 3600 seconds ‘’ for TTL. But you choose it as 1 day. Which time arrange should we choose?


DNS TTL is like this…

If a CNAME “cdn” points to example.bunnycdn.com with TTL 300 seconds.

Meaning by this, when you will update the next time “cdn” CNAME record, it will likely take 300 seconds in update. Short TTL is a trick to make future changes quickly for the same record. I believe it shouldn’t take more than that in most cases. This is why many recommends having short TTL.

Well, I prefer long TTL value because I am not in mood to change it every 300seconds. Just saying! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m using cdn.example.com domain for CDN.
Test from UK: :slight_smile:

My TTL is 3800 seconds and server is located in Turkey.


Today I installed BunnyCDN for one of my domain. When I tried to open the site, the browser replies, “Connection Not Protected”.
Invalid name of certificate.

Kindly help me to sort out this issue…


Install SSL and Enable https at hostname menu.


Hi @MyilRaj

Were you able to resolve the problem? I guess, it shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to fix the issue. If already fix, I would be happy to know.



Hi Bro! I have resolved this. Thank you bro.