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Good to know. You’re welcome!

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While using BunnyCDN, Is it necessary to GreyCloud A Record in Cloudflare?

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I cannot find any significant decreased page load time for the site. Can anyone did case study? Please share your experience.


Not A record, but “CDN” CNAME record only.



BunnyCDN is not respnsible for slowness caused due to third-party hostname.

It’s already fast.:point_down:

Loading in just few ms. What more we can expect? It’s awesome.

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But, there is a huge blocking time for CSS files, even some images etc. These elements has equalized the load time.

Probably, need to analyze bro.


Case: Your site is loading lots of CSS code. This will happen.

Solution: Load critical CSS first, defer remaining.

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Hey @gulshankumar bro we already did this step when we were installing wordpress in LEMP. will I need to install again.


You had installed SSL last time for your own domain example.com,www.example.com not for CDN hostname. (cdn.example.com) Hence, you need to install again from BunnyCDN end.

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I am not using cloudflare so how can I update DNS manger & from where (DO or domain provider)


Which namesevers are you using? For example, GoDaddy? Just go to its DNS manager!

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Ya I am using godaddy and last time there I updated digital ocean name server.

bro from where will I get CNAME record. sorry but tell little beat more in details.


To setup BunnyCDN via GoDaddy DNS manager

  1. Login to BunnyCDN
  2. Add a hostname cdn.example.com
  3. Login to GoDaddy > Select your domain > DNS manager > Create a new record

CNAME | cdn | bunnycdn pull zone URL | 3600 (TTL)

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(Rushikesh Sonawane ) #60

Sorry @gulshankumar bro there is no option create new record. There I can see only these …


We can’t display your DNS information because your nameservers aren’t managed by us.


Well, are you using Digital Ocean name servers?

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Okay! Then your domain DNS is managed by Digital Ocean, not GoDaddy.

So, you need to update CNAME record at DO account.

(Rushikesh Sonawane ) #64

OK let me follow.

above :point_up: image is from DO dashboard. What do I add in above image.


Hostname: cdn
IS AN ALIAS OF: Type your BunnyCDN Pull zone URL
TTL: Leave it as is
Create record

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All set bro! now when will CDN start work?