BunnyCDN - Review of Lightning fast CDN



Please read steps carefully.

Have you added a new hostname in the BunnyCDN?

(Rushikesh Sonawane ) #68

I have done all the process till Edge Rule.


Okay good… Wait for some time. Install SSL and then test if “https://cdn.example.com” is loading or not. Then integrate in your WordPress.

(Rushikesh Sonawane ) #70

https://cdn.jankaribook.com/ is loading how to integrate in wordpress

(Spider-man of the forum) #71


Are you using any cache plugin? You may check its CDN option.

(Rushikesh Sonawane ) #73

w3 total cache.


Great! Just follow the guide mentioned above.

(Spider-man of the forum) #75

All visitors are from India, server is in India. Will BunnyCDN help improve speed of his website?

(Batman of the forum) #76

Heh, not that much.

(Batman of the forum) #77

If his site is targeting India, his server is in India, he is using BunnyCDN, there will be lil improvement but nothing really major. He will see better speed if he move to something like AWS (India).


Of course, yes!

It will help in reducing original server load and handle more traffic.

(Rushikesh Sonawane ) #79

bro I want to try keyCDN. I did not see much effect with BunnyCDN.