BunnyCDN - Review of Lightning fast CDN



If your majority of audience is just one country (example: India) you may avoid using CDN.

Here’ why -

Well, that’s should be own decision based on the target audience.

In case of using CDN, it’s better to hint the browser to initiate HTTPS connection early for the cdn hostname using rel="preconnect" HTML link element.

function preconnect_cdn() {
    echo '<link href="https://cdn.jankaribook.com" rel="preconnect" crossorigin>';
add_action('wp_head', 'preconnect_cdn', 0);

This can reduce load time by few ms.


do you have any coupon for bunnycdn ?


There’s a promo code hiding in the HTML of their landing page :slight_smile:


how to check ?


Ctrl + U


The code has already been used for your account.



That means you already used it before, didn’t you? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


used it already …:grinning:


Really CDN is not useful if traffic is only from 1 country?


If traffic source is an only single county, your host is in same location, you may not need CDN. Because your host can serve files with same speed. You won’t get any extra super fast speed. Because, BunnyCDN uses Digital Ocean which you may be already using!

Using a CDN makes sense when traffic is from the diverse source. For a single county, I don’t see any special advantage. You may end up increasing just extra DNS lookup for communicating with CDN subdomain.


This may be great in some specific situation (this would be rare).

  • Suppose you are offering Downloads, serving large files like video content. Off loading in such case may be helpful!

These are not case for the most Bloggers.


Understood. Thanks a lot.


You’re welcome!