BuySellAds Review 2019: Direct Advertisement Network for Bloggers

Is there anyone of you who’s site got accepted in BuySellAds. If so how. Please share with me how to achieve as the give maximum amount of prices to ads.

:blush: minimum $75 per ad per month.

Yes I am using their ad.
For that, you have to good traffic in tier-1 countries and yes their payment is very good, Using an ad unit and 4000 average previews per day you can get easily around $150 per month minimum.

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It is too low I think as compared to adsense!!!

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What is your site and where you have buysellads located?

Not low they give maximum.

sitename I have sent in the personal message a few days back
and it will not display in India, you will have to open the website through proxy in USA and the ad will show in the header (sticky) when you will scroll the page
here is the ad pageviews (its less than the real pageviews outside of the India, CTR, CPC, etc).

Did not got any message from you…

I sent it again

I checked your website there is no buysellads there?

open the website through this website
and choose and choose server as “US1” from left side and then put my URL in the text box and then browse when website is opened than scroll it down and see the header section you will find an ad there

Got it

@DUGGU saw you have recently increased number on ads on your website😊 … Could you please tell after reaching how many page views did you apply for buysellads? I had shared my website name with you some time back. My website currently gets around 2.5 L page views monthly with 25% from US. Do you think I will get approved? Or should I try after increasing more traffic? Thanka

Also @DUGGU c ould you please tell review of valueimpression ads. I think you are using it

Yes they are good but, you need to have at least 1 Millions page views to get good revenue.

I was approached by them …



You mean 1 million page views per month?That a big number to achieve.

They are kind of video ads that pop up at side. I think with new chrome guidelines these ads will need to be removed.
I will also apply for them for time being

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I had 10.5 L pageviews in May-June but in July it was 14.5L
You can easily achieve - try to provide quality content daily basis

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apply thorough me you will get instant approval

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