Can anyone analyze the Google Adsense ads

Can anyone analyze my blog and tell me that the Google AdSense ads are placed correctly or not? And how is the user experience of the blog? Actually, I am using AdInserter plugin for placing the ad units.

Thanks in advance.

You need to pay attention on image quality. See Original | Photon.

Thank you for your precious time to analyze my blog. Can you help me with this?

You can disable JetPack > Photon module and optimize image via ShortPixel plugin.

Thank you very much. Apart from the Image Resolution issue any other issue have you noticed like ad unit placement and user experience?

Improve page speed, you are still using outdated TLS 1.2 while TLS 1.3 is 2x faster.

You should use Syntax highlighter, it’s important.

As this is an informational blog, you can focus on showing just relevant category like c, java, etc

Avoid about and contact link on top as it feels overwhelming. This can be moved to bottom.

You also need to fix image alignment for blog archives.

Thank you very much. I am trying to fix all these issue. Once, I will done then I will let you know. Thank you once again.

You’re welcome!

I have fixed some issues. Only TLS version has not upgraded yet. Currently, I am using shared hosting.