Can Both Apache and NGINX be installed on same instance?

Can both be added?
As shown in cloudways.


Yes, it can be installed.

I have Litespeed also, Can I use Litespeed in combination with Apache+NGINX
Any idea?

Wouldn’t that be a overkill?

I am just not sure…
Litespeed enhanes the performance of apache only.


litespeed is separate rate full fleged server… which has compatibility with. htaccess

So Apache and Litespeed would be a great combination, I guess so…

WOW! You’re back :slight_smile:

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no bro… it will be waste of server resources…

nginx alone is best… :kissing_heart:

nginx >litespeed > apache

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Litespeed > Apache

NGINX > Apache

As many sources claims, Litespeed performs faster than Apache. However, this shouldn’t be only reason to choose it. Do note, Litespeed is initially free but when you scale you may need paid version, also it’s a proprietary software.

If you are running WordPress, a static kind of blog, I would recommend NGINX with FastCGI cache or WP Rocket. It is highly scalable and can work in the long term. For dynamic application like WooCommerce, BuddyPress: you may choose NGINX + Redis.

The bottom line is, you need to choose as per requirement. Can you please share what kind of site do you wish to run?

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Hey @GulshanKumar,
Happy Sunday. Its a woocommerce store.

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For WooCommerce, NGINX + Redis object cache should work fine.

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Thanks @GulshanKumar for the idea.

But if I install both Apache and Nginx, just incase, then which one should be on port 80?


Sorry, I have no idea about it. I have not tried that way ‘personally’. But I had such setup once with Cloudways and ServerPilot. (Not huge fan of that setup because for me only having NGINX is quite sufficient as for running a static blog.)

Nginx listening to port 80

Yes i came to know about this idea form cloudways only.
They are using nginx as reverese proxy of apache (Probably)
Any benefit of the same? In comparison with Nginx+ Redis.

Yup, enabled this only.