Can Ezoic and AdSense work side by side?

After reading so many positive things about Ezoic, I finally decided to try it. But I do have a few questions.

  1. Can AdSense and Ezoic work side by side? For example, one ad unit is from AdSense and another from Ezoic? I’m guessing no. Just want to confirm.
  2. It asked me to ‘wrap’ the existing ads with Ezoic code. It even automatically detected the code on the site. So, is it mandatory is wrap the existing codes and use them or can I just skip wrapping all of them and create new ad units and place them?
  3. I’ve seen some videos and the placements are done at the Ezoic dashboard itself while setting up the ad. Can we use the Ezoic code in plugins like advanced Ads or does Ezoic decides all this? Cos I like custom ad placements sometimes.

Let me summon the Ezoic Wizard @BihariLala to shed some light on these topics.

If anyone else has any questions, do add them below. Let’s discuss.

Would love to hear out everyone’s thoughts/opinions/comments/suggestions/experience on Ezoic.


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