Can I Get a Car Loan on AdSense Earnings?

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Is it possible to get a Bank loan from India showing AdSense Earnings only?

Did anyone try?

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They don’t consider this income as security but however, if you have a healthy transaction in your account, surely bank people will take a deviation and offer you a loan.
So, try to improve your transaction range and also file the current IT for more than 5lakhs to get a loan.


Make a fixed deposit and take loan against it. There are several similar ways.

AdSense earning is not a salary slip that you can use for loan or EMI.


@BihariLala @MyilRaj

If I file ITR for more than 5 lakhs per annum and show it as a business then one can get a loan right? (With good CIBIL Score)

Someone asked the same on SML Forum. I remember

I got the loan approved by showing AdSense earnings in a NBFI. (Only AdSense)

I took 7 lac car loan by showing only bank statement.

I second this. :+1:

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What was your annual income at that time?

I am only 18 now and getting 6.75 lakhs is a big deal for me. But got it anyway

Yes, this one is also a good option. But, as of now I am not having that too much amount to make an FD

Kotak approved my credit card based on AMB (average monthly balance) only. And auto approved loan limit of 2 lakhs.

If you have enough money in your bank account, you will get approval for everything. :crazy_face:

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If you have a good ITR returns filed, you can avail the loan easily. But in the same case, if you wish to show business you should have proper registration certificates and all. Get SSI with the help of an auditor and you can add them as your proof.

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Oops no way… unless you depostt the earnings in some bank say as fixed deposit.

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