Can i rank on this keyword?

Some high authority sites already ranked on Google. So can I outrank them on this keyword?

What the KD shown in ?

Answer of this question now depends on a lot of factors!

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Yes u can

I don’t know.

mean backlinks?

Cross Check with few other software to confirm KW difficulty.


You should focus on these 4 main attributes:

  1. Content of the page
  2. Searcher intent
  3. Links from other websites
  4. Domain/website authority

1. Content of the page

  • [Title tag]
  • URL
  • Headline (H1)
  • Early in content

## 2. Searcher intent

  • Improved the copy of the page;
  • Improved the load speed;
  • Improved “mobile friendliness;”
  • Worked on acquiring quality backlinks;
  • Etc.

## 3. Links from other websites
The “quality” of the linking page also matters, along with things like:

  • The number of other sites to which the linking website links
  • How deeply buried in the website’s structure your link happens to be
  • The actual context and [anchor text ]

## 4. Domain authority
We don’t use domain authority. We generally try to have our metrics as granular as possible, sometimes that’s not so easy, in which case we look at things a bit broader (eg, we’ve talked about this in regards to some of the older quality updates).