Can I save money by transferring domain?

Hey guys last year I purchased domain from NameCheap and it is expired now. To renew it charges 13.60$(approximately above 1000INR).

I heard lots of time in this forum about transferring domain to to google domains, cloudflare etc. Because their dns is too fast. So, by transferring domain can I save money?

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Yes, I had brought a .com at about₹149/- from GoDaddy last year
But this year it was showing ₹1378/- for renewal.

I have transferred it to another registrar just at ₹649/- and got 1 year extension validity.

So it will be better to you if you can transfer it to cloudflare domains.

Which register

Cloudflare vs Google domain which would you like to suggest?

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I have transferred to Hostinger International.

Cloudflare :heavy_check_mark:

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Google Domains

  • Costs: ₹860/year
  • Professional support via Phone Call and Chat
  • Allow to change nameservers, Cloudflare doesn’t
  • Allow e-mail forwarding, Cloudflare doesn’t

So final choice?

otherwise I also stuck on cloudflare transfer page.
What I did ,

  1. I signed up cloudflare.
  2. went to name cheap account and followed following step.

Select the Sharing & Transfer tab. In that tab, you will find a card labeled “Transfer Out”. First, click “Unlock” next to “Domain Lock”.

  1. The I googled transferred to cloud fare and went that page.
    But my domain is not listing by cloudflare.

Both are best, I am using both services.

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What about this?

One more thing my nameserver is added to namecheap and not on cloudflare I just signed up.

Cloudflare will automatically fetch all DNS records.

So what to do appear my domain in transfer page?

You can find DNS records at “DNS” page.

Bro I don’t need DNS record. I want move on to tranfer domain but here on the transfer page, my domain is not appearing.

Did you unlocked domain at Namecheap first?

Actually it is done by support staff because my domain was expired on 26 march 2020.
And they also sent me an auth key by email.

Try contacting Namecheap support then.

Do note: Under 60 days no transfer is allowed.

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It more than year I register domain.
Ok let me contact namecheap support

I have one domain on and expiry is 19/3/2022. Can i shift domain to Google domain ? My website is hosted on Google Blogger using custom domain.

Yes, you can.

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