Can I switch Adsense Account?

Hello all,

I have a website approved in an Adsense account but now want to move it in another AdSense account for a reason.

So my question is, Can I switch my website to another AdSense account without getting banned?

Or Adsense can ban my both Adsense account by identifying that both Adsense account is of the same person.

However, I have different payee name and address for my both AdSense account.

Can anyone please guide what should I do?

Thank you.

First you need to close Existing AdSense account and then apply with a new account.

I have different payee name and address. Still I need to close the first account?

Then, I think no. You can remove the ad code of previous AdSense account and start using new one.

One website can be added to two different Adsense account. But a/c holders must not be the same person.
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Thank you for valuable reply.
Here what do you mean by Account holder can’t be the same person?
You mean, Can’t be same payee name and address.

My bad. I wanted to mean, Both adsense a/c holders should be different in person.

Simply remove the codes of old account and create a new account-apply from new adsense-you will get approved soon if site is active.

Now you will be approved and after approval you can place new ad codes and remove the domain from old account.

Create new adsense account with all new details.

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