Can i use google adsense in expired domain

Hello There,
I hope you guys are doing well, recently i planning to buy an expired domain, six months back this domain was listed as a no1 site at the respective niche IN SEARCH ENGINE (can’t reveal the niche). But now the site is down from several month and today I checked on GoDaddy the domain and it listed for sale at price of 5,249 INR+ taxes. Should i buy the domain? and if i buy the domain then can i use google adsense on that (the site had Google AdSense when it was live six months back).

What niche is the domain name? And I believe Rs. 5249 is the GoDaddy Broker Fee and not the price of the domain name. Can you able to find the reason why the domain name is not renewed? Find the answer and if it is genuine, you can proceed to buy the domain name and use it for Adsense.

military and space-related. dont know what is the reason the domain is not renewed, maybe owner died. but it was an 12 year old website