Can i use One Phone Number In two AdSense account

Today Morning I received an Email From ADsence. It says You already have an AdSense account

On that ADsence account Name, Address Are Different but Phone Number is same to this ADsence (where i got email).

Can anyone tell me how I solve this problem?

Thanks to All In Advance :heart:

With single identity it is not possible to have two accounts.

Two AdSense account are two different persons with different address but phone Number is some.

If i change one AdSense Account phone number does the problem will solve?

You can try with unique identity.

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Never ever use 1 number in multiple account will be banned. They raily understand this person is same. They are very strict about this.
Don’t use same number every thing should be unique.

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Always use different name, address, bank account, phone number, domain whois information for different domains even if you are the real owner who manage that blog.
Google sometimes check whois information to confirm the data match with their account. So, change it right away…


If I change the number the problem will solve?

If I use Whois Guard does they can track?

In one system use only one adsense. Everything should be different.

You can use other account by creating new user in browser.

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Actually, you should not hide your identity using Whois Guard. But few people are doing this? It won’t affect you as long as your account is not flagged. However, better change in the registry itself.

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If I cancel other Adsence account then the problem will solved?