Can i use same adsense for Admob?

my question is I have fully approved AdSense account so can i use same adsense for Admob or i want create separate Admob account

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Admob is a part of AdSense.
So, If you want to create a new admob(adsense) account then you can’t do it on same payee details.

You can freely use your previous admob linked adsense account.

Bro can i use my adsense codes to display ads on my app?

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Web & Android both are different platforms.

integrate android sdk with admob pub id to show ads in mobile app.

AdSense codes will not show any ads on mobile apps.

I would recommend Dont use.
I have done it with YouTube channel and still feel regret for that mistake.

Actually you can sign up with same account details.
But create a different account using your family member name.

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