Can we change the date of publication of Article?


Can we change the date of published of Article ? I see many blogs are changing the date of blog article ? And Google is also ranking as a Fresh article.



I think it is considered as a Black Hat technique and it is not recommended . You cannot trick google for long.

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It’s possible to change date, directly via Quick Edit option.

I am in favour of “Last update” but not about changing publish date.

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I m using generate press theme in it how to set for the last update date.



I am showing last update and updating content with adding or removing some information , but google showing published date in search engine which is 2 years ago. I want either google show my last update in search engine or published hide date from search engine .
note - i have removed published date from article and yoast plugin .
Thanks sir



If i change published date by adding or removing some text from article , then it is good or not .