Can we Lazy load images that are hosted on a CDN?


I’m thinking about lazy loading the images hosted on a CDN?

Is it a good idea or not? Will this combination works well?

Looking for a piece of advice.

WordPress already does lazy loading.

Hi Gulshan. Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention that currently, the question is related to the blogger platform custom domain. I’m using statically CDN for images. I would like to know whether lazy loading images hosted on CDN is good. I do not have this kind of issue with my WordPress site.

@Crissdinesh, Why don’t you migrate to WordPress? Because you need to spend more time on such things of doing research and all…

Hi MyilRaj,

Thanks for your comment. Instead of migrating the one from blogger, I started a separate site on WordPress due to SEO issues in migration. So, I’m spending time optimizing the one on blogger without abandoning it.

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If done properly won’t have any issue.