Can we refresh Adsense code without reloading whole page


If we somehow refresh the iframe of my html page after a certain time. Is it safe?


Publishers may not place Google ads on pages where dynamic content (e.g., live chats, instant messaging, auto-refreshing comments, etc.) is the primary focus of the page. - AdSense placement policy.


I am not saying about refreshing whole page but that section only.


The answer is - You can’t
Never did this mistake and also do not put the ad code in the frames.


If you take a look at the majority buyers of your ad inventory via your Google AdSense dashboard, you will notice that Adwords take the maximum number of impressions followed by other networks. Since buyers on AdWords bid mostly on CPC basis, using auto-refresh ads wouldn’t essentially give you higher revenue as the model is CPC based. However, it makes sense to not show the same ad for a long time to the visitor since he or she hasn’t engaged to the ad (after a fixed interval of time). So, the AdSense ad refresh policy stands firm here, “AdSense publishers are not allowed to auto refresh Google AdSense ad tags.” However, knowing this to be a policy violation, if you still wish to auto refresh AdSense ads, here is a detailed tutorial on how you can do it.

If you want to do this read this tutorial…

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Don’t place Advt inside iframe or attempt to reload Ad unit every few second.


I saw Hotmail, YMail, Saavn, Gaana like sites doing this. That’s why for curious about this thing


Ya, some does. I have also seen few Ad network, I don’t know which one it was… But I think, those are officially supported by third-party but AdSense doesn’t support such things.


It is done by DFP - so the said company are using that


I have heard Ezoic provide this feature in their service.


Maybe, if they will be using DFP