Can we use AdSense and Autoptimize plugin together?

I am using AdSense in one of the sites and I want to know whether there will be a problem while using Autoptimize Plugin?
I am using w3 Total Cache Plugin
Schema Theme
I am not using any plugin to insert AdSense Code on my website.

Yes you can you Autoptimize Plugin without any issues with AdSense

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Yes, you can.

  1. First, Keep disabled minification at W3TC
  2. Enable at only one place: AO

Do I need to exclude adsbygoogle.js, ads.js from the scripts in AO?
Also, Do I need to purge cache as I am using BunnyCDN?

You don’t need to exclude or purge any cache. Autoptimize plugin doesn’t include adsbygoogle.js in concatenation (combining process) or minification. They self exclude every single external file.

Also, you do not need to purge BunnyCDN as it doesn’t serve External JS from cache.

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