Can You Rank a Website without SEO, SEM or SMM?

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I have a question for a long time, but today I took time asking in this forum because of the response I received for my previous questions. It has been a while since I have posted any question in the forum. Being in Blogging for some time, I was thinking all of the tactics and time we spend in improving our blog will go in vain. I personally have faced this kind of situation to some of my blogs, for example, my blog on goverment Jobs information across India showed good performance initially. But now, I was loosing all of my hopes on this blog.

So now I was looking to start a blog just to provide information without doing any kind of SEO SEM or SMM or Digital Marketing tactics to improve my rankings.

If I do so, is it possible to rank my website to the keywords I was looking for? If this is possible, how much time it might take.

Your valuable suggestion can help me in continuing in this field or look for a job

Thanks in Advance…

What I prefer is to go around evergreen topics, The information on govt jobs etc in future wont make it. Google is getting good at it and is giving preference to govt site or assosiated site so moving a head i dont think thats a valuable info to add.
Instead I personally write on evergreen topics, may be fishing, may be camping, mountain climbing pets and lot more. The list is endless if you change the perspective.
Now coning to the point of seo, if you are talking about building link, social following etc as seo then yes it can rank without those.
You need to do some onsite seo things right and on page seo correctly. What i mean is a related catchy title, slugs, meta tags, direct point answer in first 3 para and moving ahead a well formatted easy to scan blog posts.
Quite an easy thing to acheive.
I personally just link autopost in all social media and let it roll. Never ever i go ahead and do retweet nd stuff. Yeah pinterest is something you can doz it brings lots of traffic in my early days.
My current niche site on pet which is just 2-3 months old gets over 300 pageviews from pinterest daily.
Youtube is yet another great platform!
You dont need to do tricky seo tricks to go around and show gogle that you have more info then others, that laters backfires and drop ranking in longterm.
Just make a through helpful content like something that does not exist in top 10serp and you are good to go!
Hope that helps!

Job niche has a huge scope but Please post unique articles. Because 1000+ sites posting same vacancy details. Instead concentrate on Admit Card, Hall Ticket, Answer Key, Question Papers and all other topics.

Example: I visited one site name examsdaily[.]in 1 year ago that time this is just very new time. Now, This site getting more traffic because of his unique.

My advice creates WhatsApp group, paste invite link on site and post site update on here.

That has a scope,but will it last long enough for the work it needs?

Yes you need good team

But what about the monetisation and growth potential?
With high traffic comes high server costs, will it justify the same in the longterm
What will you sale?
Google ads?
I had planned the same few years back but didn’t find it worth it in the long run comparing the amount of efforts needed.
Also, The topic doesn’t interest me so whatever!

One major problem i found out is when writing on keywords like admit card and stuff usually people fill all nonsense and give the link at the end, or in middle somewhere.
The actual post doesn’t add any value to the user, they came there for admitcard, the search intend was the same.
So, like many other sites google will go after such sites, may be not today but soon.
So, once i put in efforts and write so much and after 2 years everything goes down and then again start up again.
so this is the major flaw i found.
Even while giving study material most sites fill up the junk and give external link for the main content user came for.
I dont think google will let that run longer.
They are getting smarter day by day.
Unless you are providing the actual study material in a simplified form or add some sort of value i dont think that helps much to the user itself.
Yes the ctr is high as native ads gets lots of click by users trying to find what they need but the experience and overall value addition is none.
I would instead make a site on choosing the right career path, right courses, what are the possibility of each in india, abroad etc. May be professional courses and stuff.
That seems like a great idea to me rather than adding junk on jobs and stuff!

You can rank with less off page seo if you start a niche site. Avoid starting news, job portal sites. Like @saurav_556 said, focus on a evergreen niche site. Choose Exact Match Domain name for best seo.

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Yes, this works. I saw many new websites which rank better than some popular sites because new sites have the keyword in their domain.

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