Cancel a Fiverr order without hurting the Seller Profile or Gig Ranking?

Hey Guys,

I have been a Fiverr seller for almost 3 years. I do WordPress targetted services like Server Optimization & Google Page Speed Optimization. I have already mentioned in the Gig & FAQ section that I accept only WP-based websites.

Still, I got one new order yesterday from a person who has an HTML based site. I told him that I deal in WP only as HTML is pretty time consumable due to a lot of manual work included.

He said that he didn’t notice the gig details properly. Then he asked if he can cancel the order then I insisted him not to do so because I had 2-3 canceled order in past due to similar issue and asked the Fiverr support and they told me that even if you cancel an order with the mutual consent, it still affects your Seller Profile & Gig Rankings.

There is no way to cancel a Fiverr order without hurting the Gig Ranking & Seller profile rating. But it seems the client isn’t interested in my services now as he isn’t answering my queries and isn’t providing the required login details.

Only a few hours left for the order delivery.

So, I wanted to know what’s the best way to cancel this order or overcome such a situation? How do you guys handle such a cases?

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Hi Nilesh,

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I was reading your query from what I understand the buyer placed order without reading gig description properly.

It’s completely OKAY to be late a few time, no worries… it’s not a huge problem as it will be updated in next month.

As per this situation, you cannot deliver blank / without any work. Never think about this.

You have one safest choice, contact Fiverr via and tell them following …

Hey dear,

I am writing this to let you know about recent order #XYZ

Unfortunately, buyer placed order without properly read my Gig description. The services he asked me doesn’t align my gig.

Also, buyer is not responding, request you to cancel this order from your end and refund the money to buyer.


Next, they would reply … we have cancelled or maybe they would ask to wait if they feel buyer may respond.

No matter how order was cancelled either from Customer support, seller, buyer… this negatively impact. To prevent this happening, mention at multitple locations that ask contact first before placing order. This may prevent this problem to some extend. Well, some still place order in hurry up. This could be design issue of site or anything.

We do not have any other solution in this regard. Everyone knows how they are biased toward buyers, and it is likely AS IS we are dealing.

Best of luck!

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Hello nscopra,

In msg tab click the Visit Resolution center & choose options whatever is suitable for it gig & customer.

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