Canonical Header on CDN


Automatically sometime doesn’t work. I have faced that problem. You did right thing by keeping snippet saved.


Yes, I just checked after removing the code, all the images are still showing cdn path. Thanks!

PS: Sorry, these are reverted again to www version, so for me cdn path doesn’t include without the code.


apparently, because it has been rewritten on the sitemap.


@GulshanKumar How CDN path automatically reflecting for you without the CDN filter code?


I thought to dig deeper, and find out why sometime CDN path gets included in the XML sitemap even without using any snippet, while sometime it don’t get included automatically.

I found there is an extension which I am using, known as Yoast SEO from W3TC plugin which does this job.

However, simply enabling this was not solution for seeing updated version sitemap. I had to disable/enable XML sitemap in the Yoast plugin to see the reflected changes.

Doubt cleared. It means, we need to use snippet if we are not using W3TC cache plugin extention.


Thanks. It means, I’ll need to use the CDN filter because I’m not using W3TC. Yoast also recommends use CDN filter to fix the issue.


can you tell me how to update CDN path for images in the Sitemap, on yoast plugin?


Which CDN are you using? Please don’t mind. I am asking because sometime process may vary.


BunnyCDN after reading review.


now please tell me now update CDN path for images in the Sitemap.


Please check this code. You need to add in the theme functions.php file.


can you tell me specific location of funcation.php file top or button. I am using newspaper theme currently


In the last line where code end, then you should write.


am i right there

please comfirm me.



Note: Please replace with your domain and same for the CDN path.




You’re welcome!

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