SEO technique for date πŸ™„

Recently i saw, / articles ranking in search.
When i checked their articles, almost all articles dated back to 2018, 2019 but when i checked in, there was no blog section in their site at that time !
So is this a SEO trick to age articles by using back date ?
or their articles ranking just by sheer brand value ?
Please comment your opinions ! @saurav_556 @DUGGU @GulshanKumar @BihariLala

Date can be manipulated. You can also show any date.

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Is this really a SEO trick ? because as i see recently Google give more points to freshness of articles.

This is a old trick to fake date. But, simply changing date won’t rank high.

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For many sites, meddling with dates may help with ranking TEMPORARILY. At one point, Google will stop giving you advantage and changing the dates wouldn’t work.

You should only change date when you update old content entirely.

I don’t think they backdate articles. Backdating doesn’t work.