Category Autolink


Suppose, I have a blog with categories :

and I am writing a blog article on some topic.

I enabled autolinking categories anchor text to that particular category page through a plugin.

For example :
Dog is a very honest pet. Internet is full of cat pictures. Lion is king of forest.

Here Dog, Cat and Lion will get autolinked to their category page automatically with help of a plugin

What will be impact of it on SEO, positive or negative?

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You are free to link internally as you wish. Google wonโ€™t ding you for it.

In a response to the question โ€œAre repeated internal links detrimental to the google ranking position of a website? Does google ignore them or does google give minus points for every repeated internal link?โ€

Google Webmaster Team said -


I think this is a better way to ask questions.


You can ask to John :grinning:


Yeah. That would be better.

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