Change address of payee?


Hey guys, I have applied for Google Adsense with my freinds address and his phone number,email. I got Adsense approved. Can I change the Adsense address to some other freind address now? Or I should wait to get verification code from Google to my friend address and later I will able to change Adsense payee address?


Yes, you can change.


I can change now? Or I have to wait for Google to send it’s verification code? Cos for verification Goole need 10$ .


Has Google already sent the code? If yes, then dont change now.


No google haven’t send code. The address is out of India.


Changing another country to India is not possible.


Oic. So then should I let it be as it is? But later I can add my bank account there?



If you can, then surely


Ref: last response


But the current address is out of India and when should I change the current address with mine? After or before google send the verification code?


Try before!