Changing domain

Say I want to move my site from to As tought earlier by @GulshanKumar simply can wildcard direct using cloudflare right. So what happens once the old domain expire?
Should i renew old domain and keep new domain active as well?
The situation is I have a domain expiring in one month, i want to move the site to a new domain as well because i want to expand the niche. What would be ideal thing to do. I am also planning to move the new domain and to cloudflare. My current domain is in namecheap.
Suggestion is appreciated as i have never switched domain earlier!

The redirection will stop working. To prevent, you need to keep renewing your old domain as long you want to redirect your main domain.

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is there any other way to transfer a site?

Do it earliest.

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one last question, when i transfer a domain from namecheap to cloudflare do i need to setup name server and all that stuff again?
Also, how long will the complete process take. As it is showing auth. code and all transfer stuff take 5 days in namecheap site?

  1. It’s automatic. CF is excellent at scanning DNS records.
  2. Last time, it took just 30 min when I was switching from Google Domains to Cloudflare. May be because GD was quick to accept transfer request. Typically it takes around a week. Depends how quick previous registrar may be. This is completely okay and it doesn’t cause any downtime if your all dns remain correctly as before.

I have received the message from cloudflare that the process is underway. However, the whois guard is inactive right now. Should i renable it? or should i wait?
also how do i activate whois guard in cloudflare

You can enable back.

It’s automatically done.

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