Changing server

Hi, i have a weird question. Might sound stupid too.

My rank drop drastically after i change to wpxhosting. It has CDN. Previously, i use siteground with singapore server.

I am targeting Indonesian reader. So, the rank drop not so much in Google with English language ( the bottom of page when using mobile). However, when i change to Indonesian language, the rank drop is alot.

So, does CDN not help with IP address?

Check the CDN cache status in Terminal with following command.

curl -I

Do you see X-Cache: HIT response?

  • If yes, ok. Else, CDN is serving uncached slow response from the origin. To fix, please contact hosting support or switch to any of my recommended hosting.

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 11.36.05

Is this alright? very weird.
If my target is in Indonesia, which server do you choose, Newzealand, Australia or US?

Is there any tip jar?

Thank You,

i don’t think wpx is a good choice for your location. I also use them, they are good for US, Canada and UK. But i am not sure about indonesia.

:singapore: Singapore region server would be best for your website.

WPX doesn’t provide. However other providers such as Cloudways offers with their Cloud partners.

So even with CDN, doesnt help seo? thank you

What is actual page load time?

Test here

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That’s great! :+1:

Now, focus on improving actual site content.

alrighty then. thank you.
So it means that ip hosting location does not affect seo, as long as cdn work. Is that it?
Thank you so much

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Exactly. The location of IP address doesn’t matter for SEO or Performance in case of Anycast routing what WPX uses because with this approach a CDN is suppose to do proper routing at their capacity.

This is how many popular CDN works.