Chitika ad network is shutting down


I’ve never used their ads but for those who are relying on Chitika, this is not a good news.


That’s really a bad news. I can remember, it was 2010 and I received my First online income of $10 from Chitka through PayPal. The most memorable day of my life.


Chitika shutting down is a bad news for all of us. I have used their services once on one of my blog. Their income was good and $10 is easy to reach within a month. Anyhow, a start must have an end, and it’s for Chitika Now.


Chitika Ads network is going to shut down !!!


I have $2.46 pending payments since 18-12-2012 when I used Chitika for a few hours on my blog.


Are you blogging since 2010, how is your journey so far ?


Almost 9 years.

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Are you satisfied with your blogging career? How you are doing financially?


Yes, i am very much satisfy with blogging. Although this is my hobby now, as I recently got govt job, so I slightly distracted from blogging.

Basically I completely depend upon on Adsense for my website revenue and earning is not so bad.

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