CloudFlare blocking Bing bots. How to fix?

My three websites got deindexed from Bing, despite having good authority and ranking on Google.

Reason: Bing bots getting blocked by CloudFlare

Any help?

Simply, create a firewall rule to whitelist.


Are you sure Cloudflare does that?

I doubted this after my site’s traffic dropped from bing. Can you tell me how to check for bing bots in cloudflare and how to create firewall rule for that?

Note: Site is indexed on bing and all posts are available in serps. The only problem is the traffic drop from Bing after connected to cloudflare.

IP Source Address rule?

What rules to add?

I don’t know the I.P. address of Bing bots. What to do?

If Cloudflare will block anything its relevant details will appear here. You may use its key information.

Firewall > Overview > Firewall Events > Activity Logs
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no such logs

Try fetching a req with bingbot and also with webmaster tool if possible.

Checked everything. No server side issue. Mailed Bing webmaster. Looking forward. Will update.

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