Cloudflare Error Cause Website Suspended


Yesterday, I change my nameserver so that website traffic is directed via Cloudflare. I copy name server provided by Cloudflare and put it in Godaddy >> Manage >> change. So, I removed four nameservers provided by A2hosting. Now, I look It has suspended.

So, What I did wrong. Should I keep all six name server( 4 of A2hosting and 2 of Godaddy).


Working fine here.




Resolving fine here.


If we change hosting provider from one host to another host. After that, What we have to do with Cloudflare account and how to to re-activate it?

What I did, I change the Nameservers withdraw from the cloudflare account and pasted in to the godaddy but after couple of hours I found my website is down.
Now What I should do.

The reason why you are seeing my website online is I re-pointing the A2hosting to Godaddy(remove cloudflare) that is the only think I can do, at this moment.


You need to update the IP address in Cloudflare DNS panel. Point to the new host.


Easiest way would be to remove the site from CloudFlare and add it again.


If you change nameservers, give it a time to propagate properly.


Let’s me try. :slightly_smiling_face:


On GoDaddy, keep the nameservers to your new hosting, and then add it on CloudFlare.


Let’s me check


@Paritosh, I did not get your point?


@Chungus I guess,You are saying to point nameserver(Cloudflare) to Godaddy. That’s it?
In the meantime, I also have been facing this issue.


I am saying, you use nameservers on GoDaddy that your hosting proved, and then go to CloudFlare and add your domain.

Clear your computer’s DNS cache.


@Paritosh I did it. Thanks Buddy. :slight_smile: