Cloudflare in cloudways

Hi, i have emailed cloudways but no answer for 3 days, so i guess i will post it here.

I know what Cloudways doesnt have DNS, i am thinking to opt for cloudflare planMy question is:

  1. Is cloudflare good if most of my visitors from Indonesia (near Singapore)?
  2. Is there major difference between free and pro plan in cloudflare?
    3.Can i host my DNS in cloudflare if i opt for free or pro plan?

FYI: I am planning to use cloudways digital ocean singapore server

Thank you

  1. It’s hard to predict. You can test and see how it performs.

  2. Pro plan comes with image optimization, priority performance and support compared to free.

  3. DNS is free in all plans.

is it useful if i already have shortpixelimage optimiser and wprocket?

Shortpixel image oprimiser= image optimization
wprocket= automatic mobile optimization

Thank you sir

I think no. Better leave domain pointed just to origin with Cloudflare DNS without proxy.

so, you are telling me to use cloudflare free version? i am not techy stuff so i do not understand “Better leave domain pointed just to origin with Cloudflare DNS without proxy.”


I mean continue using Cloudflare nameservers. It’a good but do not use its proxy.

This is how: At Cloudflare DNS page you can change Orange Cloud to Grey color that will turn proxy+dns mode to DNS only.

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