Cloudways new blog starting issue

Good Morning Friends,

I have started my blog on Cloudways but it is not opening showing an error like ‘site can’t be reached’

I have changed the DNS, Added the A, CNAME records pointing to IP address and updated the primary domain in cloudways. Also, I checked the domain propagation in whatsmydns site, all are green mark.

Could you please help me with that? By any chance we can change the admin panel username, by default it is taking the email id of the account.

I checked with support and the site is opening from their end.


Can you share your URL?

Better contact Cloudways support.

Also, can you share your blog address

Actually I got the problem, its an ISP issue. When I opened it from my mobile device it is opening and I asked few friends to check it, it is working fine.

Now, in that case what should I do ?

Instead waiting many hrs for invalidation of dns cache from ISP side, I prefer using CF DNS. It’s quick.


I am using VPN for the same and just want to know that which SSL is better Cloudflare or Cloudways ?

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Actually, Let’s Encrypt


Thanks @GulshanKumar

You’re welcome!

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