Cloudways Payment Failing

I am trying to add funds to my Cloudways account but it is failing. What will happen if I am unable to pay the invoice?

Hello Sankalp,

Are you able to use PayPal? You can ask them to enable for your account and then you can make your payment. For more information, please contact its support.


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Well, I tried through PayPal too. I even recieve OTP, but the amount is not deducted from my bank account.

What if I am unable to pay them?

Please talk to PayPal.

As far I know, Rupay or Domestic card doesn’t work. Use Private Bank Internationally supported card or a Credit card.

I have Visa card. When authorizing card in Cloudways, it is authorized. The card works with other international websites too.

Works with DigitalOcean & other providers too.

I contacted them on live chat. They said to try later.

They have recently changed their payment processing partner and after that my credit card also stopped working. :man_shrugging:

Who PayPal or Cloudways?

Cloudways. PayPal is a payment processing company so they cannot change themselves.

So, when will be this problem solved?

Make Request a call… .in chat support

Their gateways can be changed as per their AI. Like CCavenue using PayU for a payment collection at a time but sometimes using Paytm for the same request.