Comments do follow backlinks

Hello guys I am seeing that lots of new bloggers are doing do follow comment back links and to my surprise they still work.

But i don’t know for how long they will enjoy the benefits…

Earlier forum baclinks worked, directory back links worked but now the caveat is only if they are of high quality.

I am sure that one day google will also target do follow comment back links. But for now there are n number of bloggers who have done it and have good rankings. What are your thoughts guys…

Many times there are links not shown by all the link explorer tools and that is why users get the wrong picture.

Maybe they are using PBNs or other methods of link building and not just comment links as shown by the tools.

Do Blog Commenting but with some limitations. Categorize your backlink structure and spread your links on various sectors like,
Blog Commenting,
Social Bookmarking,
Image Hot-linking,
PDF Sharing,
Profile Link Building,
Content Re targeting,
Guest Blogging,
Negligible percentage of PBNs,
Expired Domain Backlinks…

A wide spread source of backlinks never let you down after any roll outs.