Confused Between Axis & ICICI & Kotak

I am literarily confused between Axis and ICICI. Kindly help me to choose one.

Purpose: Blogging, AdSense
Brand Location: Both branches are located at the same distance from my house (approx 10-15 min on two-wheeler)
Featured Required:

  • Better Online Banking Facilities
  • Low Monthly Average Balance, Fees and maintenance charges
  • Easy to setup in Zerodha, UpStox etc apps
  • Credit Card on FD
  • Low maintenance (less branch visit, less paperwork)

Currently analysing Axis Easy Access Savings Account and ICICI Regular Savings Account. But you can suggest a better one.

Or tell me which bank you do use for work in this field.

I would go with icici or kotak.
Most of my money comes into these two accounts and I had no issues whatsoever.

You can also have a look at kotak regular saving account for this purpose.

I find kotak mobile banking app very user friendly, easy and with lots of great options.

Overall cost wise kotak doesn’t charge too much for any service. It is a bit higher with icici.
Kotak also has better exchange rates than icici.
No idea about axis. I am a bit skeptical about them.

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@saurav_556 There are multiple types of savings accounts on the Kotak website. Which savings account of Kotak you’re using?

And which activities you do with your ICICI and Kotak account separately? (For example, you may receive ads payment in 1 account then what the use of the other account)

  • Go for SBI, clean User Interface. All fixed, saving, loan, current account can be managed under one profile.
  • Overdraft feature in SBI allow instant loan against FD at affordable rate (1% extra charge of your FD return based on daily-calculation) without breaking it. This is a helpful feature in case of emergency. I don’t know which bank offer this.
  • Avoid Payment Bank such as Paytm due to RBI limitation on maximum deposit.
  • I would suggest use UPI and avoid most hassle.
  • Also, you can get Credit Card with FD or maintaining some balance like 25,000+


  • Zero balance maintenance, also interest of 2.75% p.a with deposit up to 1 lac.
  • Lowest fees in most things.
  • Easily available branches, ATM for quick resolution.
  • While opening account apply for everything once (cheque, debit card , activate net banking) to avoid multiple visits.
  • They don’t try misselling something to their customer, cautious for account security, generous and polite.


  • Maintenance - INR 10,000
  • They deduct fees for NEFT, IMPS (*Regular Saving account)
  • Their debit card works for USD or recurring fees transaction.
  • iMobile app is slightly better in terms of getting logged in, using its UPI, or for IMPS/NEFT.
  • All you need a Debit Card to create UPI.

  • Fund in Zerodha wallet can be added using UPI without any charges.

Time to time these information may change. Kindly verify updated information with official branch of respective entities.


I also recommend Kotak, I use it for all payments, PayPal, and all. Kotak app and net banking are amazing, and I use it with Zerodha and Upstox also. My account version is Pro savings account.

For credit card I use HDFC business one, I have kotak and ICICI credit card also but HDFC one gives a lot of offers and cashbacks.

Even if you don’t have a Kotak branch nearby, you can just start with its 811 account, I used it for everything for over 2 years without any issues or branch visit.

@GulshanKumar I really wish to use SBI for the purposes but the problem is I already have a student account with SBI (8Y+ old a/c). And I don’t prefer to use it, because the account is still actively used in Govt Scholarship schemes.

@Saksham Thanks for the suggestion and I am thinking to go with Kotak. Just having one doubt, if a Kotak savings a/c gets credit or debit in Lakhs suddenly, then will it cause any problem? Like suspicious activity or something

You might get a call to verify if thats you who did it.
For receiving amount from ads directly(not via payoneer) you need to sumbit a form in branch telling for what the fund is being received.
You can mention advertising income.
Thats all!!

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No, as Saurav said, you can fill the form and then there’ll be no issues with payments.

Don’t go for Axis.

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Thnaks @saurav_556 @Saksham

Why @Arshi ?

High charges, low conversion rate. Go for government banks like Canara or SBI. They are way better than private banks for getting these payments


Yes Axis Conversion rates are high :rage:

If so, is it not a positive point?

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sorry i meant they cut around 500 Rs. for USD to INR conversion and their Dollar rates are at least 4-5 rupees less than others.

If I go for a regular current account, then which should be considered?

State Bank of India (regular current account) is by far best for me for current and saving both.

  • Low Monthly Average Balance: Rs 5̶,̶0̶0̶0̶ 10,000.
  • Free Cash Deposit upto Rs 5,00,000/- per Month.
  • Convenience to withdraw and deposit cash at all 22000+ SBI Bank branches.
  • Free Cash Withdrawal from Home Branch.
  • Free access to the Safest, Securest, Fastest Corporate Internet Banking.
  • Free NEFT/RTGS through Internet Banking & Mobile Banking.
  • Free 50 Multicity Cheque Leaves per Month.
  • Account can be managed using Yono app.

Let’s compare its UI

  • SBI - By default it shows accounts summary in one glance which feels good. The statement page looks good. There is a minimal advt inside dashboard. All clickable elements are clearly visible.

  • ICICI - Dashboard is like a fish market. Too many things served in one page.

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No business paper, can I open a SBI current account as personal like Savings one?

No any kind of business paper is required. However they will ask, what you do?

Tell them you’re doing some online business where you’ve frequent daily transactions and you want to keep them seperate from the saving. They are not gonna ask anything further.

You only need to submit a Xerox copy of Aadhar and Pan. Carry along the original docs for the verification.

I am using ICICI for last 7 years and I love ICICI for all kind of banking purposes.

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Question for ICICI Bank users:

What conversion rate are you getting for USD to INR? Is it close to what you see on Google currency converter or is there a ₹4-3 difference? Any additional fee?

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