Confusing Halloween Update

(Parmeet Bhamra) #1

Hello guys, The recent halloween update is quite confusing.

I have seen a little boost in search engine clicks and impression in google search console but I have major traffic and rank drop. Don’t know what is happening.

Check the screenshot.

What is your views on this ?


(Parmeet Bhamra) #2


(Batman of the forum) #3


Well, you can really do nothing other than improving the content and user experience. Work on improving your site and you could be rewarded in next update.

(Parmeet Bhamra) #4


Yes, I know bro. I was just asking that why it is happening that search console shows rank boost but actually rank is dropped.

(Batman of the forum) #5

Are you comparing the exact same dates on Console and Semrush for rank drop? Because console is slower than Semrush.

(Parmeet Bhamra) #6


Yes, I am comparing the google search console date with actually traffic shown in google analytics on that date. I traffic is less than the clicks shown on google search console.

(Batman of the forum) #7

Analytics and console data tend to differ and it’s normal

(Batman of the forum) #8

For ranks, consider the console.

Here’s what happened:

When Semrush checked, your rank dropped to 5.
When Console checked, your rank was 4.

(Parmeet Bhamra) #9

Ok bro. Thanks @BihariLala


I can suggest one thing that audit website using trusted tool like Semrush, Ahrefs, ScreamingFrog, Search Console and make it more better.