Connecting C-panel emails with Outlook

Hello ALL,

Dear brothers, I need to connect C-panel emails with my customer outlook, and this is my first time I don’t know how to do this kindly help me connecting the employee’s c-panel mail with outlook.

I get stuck in outgoing and incoming ports

I don’t know how to manage ports for outlook connection?

trying to connect from last Month.

Help me Guys!

Best Regards

Normal SSL/TLS outgoing port is 465
Incoming are IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995
username and password are same to the email & password of the cpanel email.

Before everything, answer me a few questions.
What is the Outlook version?
Make your all DNS settings like MX, SPF are correct.
Whether Webmail is working fine?
Screenshot the home screen of Outlook.