Contact form 7 not working


Contact form 7 not working ?? how to resolve that ?? Any other good alternative you use??

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Hello, are you using SiteGround hosting?


yup right

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Do you get any error when you submit the contact form?


NO it says sent . But i dont receive any on my gmail trail id

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Do you see any error here?


No error

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Did you try to chat with SiteGround support?


NO. It has to do with SG ?. Let me chat


Have a look


How to stop emails I received from going to my Gmail spam boxes :cry:

  1. First, Move spam email to inbox
  2. Go to that e-mail, Add to contact


that contacts list option not visible in my gmail. :sweat:


Did you followed steps carefully?


yes i dragged that mail to my inbox but still no option available of add to contact list


Add here


i added email to but still not getting add to contacts option


It’s already added then I think


checked out @gulshankumar still landing to spam boxes.


Sorry, cannot debug more as email is personal. Without access to it not possible.