Contact form and gdpr


How can I create a contact form like contact form 7 without any plugins?
I need a simple contact me form, that’s it.
Also, a good gdpr cookie notice plugin which is light weight?


Sorry to say, this is pure waste of time approach.

  • 10 minutes in Searching on Google
  • 20 minutes in implementing
  • Next after every few days, tweaking and beautifying (as a part of maintenance)
  • It is like re-inventing wheel. :expressionless:
  • After all, why? When there are plugin you can use in 2 minutes then why need for this long approach.

If you still want, here’s the tutorial for it

Alternative (3rd party)

If you don’t want to use a plugin, simply put an e-mail. That’s simple, who need most they can reach doing any level of efforts.


Any lightweight plugin for the same?


I would suggest Contact Form X, by Jeff Starr.

Or, much better way: Just a single line code.

<a href="">E-mail us</a>



what will this code do?
I am not so good with coding and stuff


Please click here to see demo

  • It will open your e-mail client compose e-mail box directly.