Contact form is not working


I have installed the WPForms plugin and created the contact page but when I submit the query through this form I am not getting email notification. When I checked with the WPForms team they said it shall be an SMTP issue and you need to install the WP SMTP plugin. I have installed the SMTP plugin but still the same issue.

I think many users are experiencing this, it is also happening for contact form 7 plugin.


May I ask you please which web hosting or server company do you use? I will provide solution accordingly.

I am using Vultr VPS and Ubuntu

In my experience, this is possible that with unmanaged server like Vultr that your host by default keep SMTP port blocked.

In order to resolve this issue, just create a ticket and ask them to unblock port 25.

Once they do this, you need “restart server from dashboard” not command line.

Hopefully, this should fix the problem. If still doesn’t fix, follow below approach.


  • With WP SMTP plugin, you need to use transactional e-mail services. I feel AWS SES or Mailgun is better.

  • Free method, Gmail. I am not huge fan of this approach. Just for sake of an option, I am writing here and below is the tutorial for the same.

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Checking on both the approaches, will update here status.

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I would suggest you to embed Google Forms in your Contact page :slight_smile:

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Thank you @GulshanKumar for this tips, it worked.

I opened the ticket to Vultr and asked them to unblock SMTP port. They have rebooted the server and I got all the notification which has been stopped since last year.

Actually, the issue has been started when I moved my blog from Bluehost to Vultr, I didnt encounter this issue.

Later I came to know that I am not getting any contact form notification and daily backup updraftplus notification.

When I contacted WPForm team they just asked me to install the SMTP plugin but still same issue.

Now, I am getting proper notification.

Thanks You All.

Now, the issue has been resolved I have installed the contact form 7. Thanks for suggestion.