Content Disappearing

Actually Idhar 2-3 din se mai jo likh rha hu. Wo Index nhi ho rha. Manually krvaya crawl bhi ho gya. Par Search Results me Page khtm ho ja rhe us keyword me dikh hi nhi raha kahin. Dikkat kya aa rhi smjh nhi aa rha. Help me.

There is an indexing issue going on.
Please refer for more info


Keep regular work on. No additional action is required.


Just an update for you:
The word on the street is that Google is starting to crack down on irrelevant images. You’ve probably heard of people using whatever random picture they have as a post’s featured image so that Google’s bots will see that there is an image. And just like many tactics in the past, it worked for a while. But now there are numerous webmasters reporting that Google will not index their posts because the images are not relevant. We aren’t sure just yet how much truth there is to this, but be on the lookout!

So according to you,

  • Google first crawls a page (content and visuals)
  • Then it understands what the page is all about
  • Then it try to find what is all in the images used in the post
  • Finally, it matches the content of the post with the content of the images
  • And then decides whether the post should be indexed or not?


Google is currently working on a big update as sone big seo blogs.
Maybe this happens, but I don’t think so. Because if this will be implemented, I am not sure that their crawler or AI will work accurately.

Google can’t understand everything.
What you think @Saksham?

Not exactly but they have added it into their ranking algorithm. It may not be a perfect thing today but they will improve it in future. They can adjust the ranking and rerank a page later as they do with every major update.
Pictures are one of the major part of any post and google not being able to understand the same is a big problem. So, it looks like they have figured out something.
Say for example google introduced google lens a few years ago where it could search related things in picture of camera in search. Something similar but much more polished and advanced.
I am not exactly sure though, have read it in some forums earlier.

Do you remember pointing out where google can take a phrase from the middle of video and show that part in the top of search?

So, if they have advanced enough to understand and break the videos then why not images?