Cookie plugin text alignment changed!

Hello Gulshan Kumar,

Yesterday I have installed new plugin Cookie Notice after setting I have noticed it’s text alignment is changed to upper side didn’t find any settings & also plugin developer is not answering any questions or support.

I have used your trick & uninstalled the wp rocket.
My bad luck nothing happens.

Previously I have installed Cookie Concent plugin:-
But it’s not showing per view

Anything that we can move it’s text alignment in center???

It’s working fine at my end can you be more specific what are you looking for?

@Abhijeet I have shown you both screenshot, text alignment issue is coming on my website you can see that… . In screenshot.

Use this one. It should work fine.

  1. Is it able to identify which plugin this website is using for cookie ??

  2. By using the above manual method will be permanently In functions.php or changing theme will also get lost of this code too??

  1. No. It just shows a Notification, Nothing else.
  2. All functions.php custom code should be shifted to Code Snippets plugin for ease of management.
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Thank you soo much, saved time & done manually…no Plugin required.

You’re welcome! :blush:
Kindly note, I recommend plugin way to prevent changes loss after theme update.