Copyright issue



So when we receive a DMCA copyright complaint. Do we need to remove the whole url from site or can we just remove the article and write This Article has been removed due to a copyright claim by the content owners. instead of the actual article?.


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Better, you can remove it completely and inform the owner about it.

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If I remove it completely will the link from also be removed?


I think, no.


@GulshanKumar Thank you. Also another question, my website have post which have similar title and for similar title the wordpress automatically puts -2, -3 at the end of the url,

So when I remove the url completely and in future I need to create a post with same title then how do I stop from wordpress generatiing same url which I have already removed because that url has been copystrike and If I post article again on same url then I will again have problem with the new article.

Thank you


In WordPress, you can edit post permalink.