Corona Virus Impact?

So the corona virus is causing a lot of damage all around the world. Europe has been hit very hard and here in UK total case is already over 1500 within a week.

It has also impacted my earnings very badly, as my website was based on football and all football events has been closed due to covid-19 my earnings dropped by 90%.

Just curious is anyone affected by the virus on spending, website earnings, traffic or changed their travel plans?

Stay safe everyone.

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Not that. But yeah the earnings are down

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Can confirm revenue is down here.

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Doesnt seems to be much impacted.
Yes the amazon conversions are down to half. Ads seems to be going strong. Still over 15$ RPM.
However as we are closing to the end of march i was expecteing higher rpms so yes seems a little down but not much.
Howevery total earning per 1000 visitors(affiliate+ads) seems to have gone from 35$ to 27$ in last 1 week.
Seems like it will take a few months for things to normalize.

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Luckily I had earned enough this month to pay my mortgage and buy food. I am worried for next few months.


Traffic will down 50%


Our office has been closed for unexpected days, 75% work has stopped :mask:


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The force is strong with you

It is all about consistent and good content. The all US lockdown things also helped a little in my niche.
I am planning to ride the tide with a book launch this week!
A lot of people are home and so they are spending time reading and watching to get distracted. A perfect time to ride the tide!

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Coronavirus is strong with you


I appreciate your hard work and dedication with a good planning.

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traffic up for entertainment niche sites,
what about you bro @BihariLala

Here in west bengal a total lock down is announced by the CM to 31st March

My laptop is dead so I can’t even go to the city centre for repairing.


My exams are also postponed to 15th of April.
After that the new routine will be announced.

Think to take the part of saint :angel::angel::angel:

@GulshanKumar @BihariLala
What about you?

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I’m good, thank you.

Glad to hear it.


aakh banate ho

Why this emoji dear?

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