cPannel Virtual and Physical memory reaches 100% (3 GB)

Running WordPress site (cPannel) and my virtual / physical memory was 3 GB and it reaches full capacity (100%) several times a day and my server crashed showing errors.
Rest of the whole day my websites using very less resources like only 5 to 10 percent only.

Here is the image.

There is not any crop jobs.
Not running any script.

Please go to WordPress > Tools - site health - info

share that details

Hello Naman,

I checked details. It appears something is wrong inside WordPress. This will require further investigation. Try deactivatng WP user avatar plugin, also avoid heavy plugin such as iThemes Security.

Thanks & Regards,

any Alternate of iThemes Security

means ?
I can give you my cPannel details.

And in past you also helped me to solve some .htaccess error in wordpress when you are on shotmeloud forum.

Please do not use any security plugin. Consider following these security tips.

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These are required information for further debugging

  • Access to WP
  • cPanel

Please e-mail. I willl check and update.


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still waiting for your reply.

I am not able to check today because so many work. I will try to look once before going to sleep.

Thanks for your effort

I checked this site

I tried to access many times. 4/10 times it shows this way. Something is certainly wrong.

I see, you are using lots of .htaccess rule. Probably added with iThemes. I would suggest avoid this plugin at all. Your WP wont get hacked unless if you use some vulnerable or nulled stuff. Keep everything timely updated and use less plugins as possible as, your site should be secure. If you need Firewall protection, try web firewall.

You are using some uneccessary plugin such as XML sitemap. That can be covered by Yoast already.

It seems you are using PHP based page caching. Sorry, this is not so optimal approach. Try WP Rocket or something similar that can work at .htaccess level to serve page in plain HTML quickly from the DISK.

If you need more resources, don’t hesistate trying a different host. Sometime, limiting growth due to technology is not worth.

Your stack seems bit outdated. Try upgrading to PHP 7.3 (If plugin and theme supports) that is much efficient.

For this site, $10/mo plan at DO would be sufficient to handle the per day traffic easily.

That’s because website blocked by ISP. I need to use VPN to visit.
and thanks for checking and giving suggestions to improve.