CPC and Todays earning are always same why is that?

Hi Team!

I had been observing tht CPC and today’s earning always will be same.

Any specific reason for it?

Thank you!

Screenshot_120 Screenshot_119

Bcz, you only have one click [1*.50] = Estimated Eearnings

Actually before the click , there were earnings for the page views. like $0.2.
After I see the click shown in the report , every time the both section remain the same
So was curious why is this happening every time.

And now it shows $0.53 is the earning and CPC is 0.53 too.
Screenshot_122 Screenshot_121

CPC = Earnings/clicks

For a 100 pageview you have 1.15k impression? What in the world!
How much ads are you showing per page?
Thats over 15 ad impression per view. That too if user scrolls till the end.

was told to write the long articles 1500 words to 2000.
And I put ads on the right side and between the articles.
Around 15 per article will be there yes.

Thats like an ad for every 100-150 words. Thats aggressive.
I bet should should not be doing that unless you want the issue of google stopped showing ads with your site. if you go so aggressive and google find it is a bad user experience then it can be bad for you. Plus that much ad will slow your pages down quite a lot.
A handful well placed ads earn a way more than spamming with ads does.
In one of my newer site, I just checked my status and saw 1.05kimpression for 350 pageviews. With an earning of 1.9$. Thats an average of what i get every day.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
yes correct. I read about the viewer experience,In fact out of say 15 ads 7 ads will not be in between the article .They are placed to the extreme right side of the page without interfering with the flow of the reading but viewable.

And 7ads are placed in between the articles which are thin (so that reader does not see the ads significantly large ) and I placed them after completing a paragraph so that it does not irritate the user.

I checked it for month now and no complaints so far with ranking .The number of visitors are the same and their active time is also the same.

But will keep this in mind.

Thank you!

May I know 350 page views for how many number of articles?

Thats for 60…but out of that i have added 25 articles in sept only so we can ignore that for counting right now.